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5 jewelry trends that all future brides need to know

If you are choosing your wedding jewels you have surely seen and compared an infinity of bridal earrings, pearl necklaces and diamond bracelets. Surely you have also learned a lot of tips on how to combine them or choose them according to your dress, style or hairstyle. Well, today we offer you a break from this amount of ideas and select five trends in bridal jewelry that are a bit more daring but still romantic and delicate. Are you ready to leave your guests amazed?

Climbing earrings

For the most modern brides. If you are wearing your hair pulled back or your hair to one side, climbing earrings are a perfect option. Our recommendation is that you choose them carefully. Another alternative if you normally wear several lobule holes is to choose earrings that fit well together and combine different designs in one ear.

bride earrings

Organic brooches

Organic details are very trendy and always present among the different high-end catwalks, in bridal looks. Floral accessories, previously reserved exclusively for tiaras and tweezers, have evolved to become leaves, butterflies, birds or insects. The dreamlike figures, always better in gold, climbing on the shoulders of the wedding dresses, create dream styles.

Back necklace

The by low-cut wedding dresses on the back they have won for years. Many famous jewelry brands have joined this trend and it is possible to find perfect necklaces on the market to give even more prominence to your back. Try long and very fine chains with different lengths and necklaces with diamonds or pearls. The result is seductive, delicate and very original.

Like bracelets or necklaces, they are fresh, fun and a favorite of millennial brides. You can choose words that allude to your wedding, important or initial phrases and dates. Create your own coded message and add smileys, people or memories that you want to recall on such a special day. You will be able to make your bridal jewelry even more symbolic.

Who said you can’t risk traditional jewelry? The medallion of the Madonna symbolizes with its rays of light the love to be shared with trusted people. A symbol of love and dedication that you can include in your bouquet, belt or bracelet, anklet.

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