Organising The Catering For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a major investment, but one of the biggest costs is likely wedding catering. With an estimated two thousand and four hundred wedding receptions held each year, catering companies account for nearly ten percent of a wedding’s total cost. Wedding catering can be expensive, but there are ways to save money when it comes to catering. Keep reading to learn how.

 Taking Time To Plan Your Catering

Some couples choose to pay the caterer directly, paying the bill in advance so that payments are received when the event is completed and money in hand for all the food and drinks. Other couples may charge guests a small service fee; this will usually cover the caterer’s cut of the food and drinks but any additional charges may charge extra. In either case, when couples decide to hire a caterer, they should ask whether or not they are willing to include this cost into their wedding catering budget. While some caterers will happily take this cost into account, others may not. For this reason, it is important for couples to discuss all aspects of their wedding catering budget with their caterer before the date is set and they have to book their reception location.

In order to save money on wedding catering, couples may want to look for caterers who offer a ‘family deal.’ This means that a couple who brings just a friend or two can receive a discount on the food and drinks for their wedding party. Couples can also save money by looking for caterers who offer a buffet style menu for their wedding reception. Often, these less expensive wedding parties will provide a larger selection of food and drinks than would be offered at a sit down dinner or full buffet style.

Different Catering Services And Options

Catering services may also be offered in different ways at different events. One way is to purchase pre-made catering packages. These catering packages are often cheaper than having fresh food prepared for the guests at the reception. They can also be convenient for couples who are looking for a quick, easy solution to feed a large crowd. Wedding cakes and wedding ice cream are a popular option for wedding catering in hotels, but there are other different ways that food can be served at different events.

For example, one popular wedding catering option is to offer plated dinners. Typically, couples will choose a wedding catering company to provide the food for their reception, and then the company will bring in their own plated dinner set to provide food and drinks to the wedding party. This is an excellent choice for a couple who wants to feed a large crowd without having to worry about preparing food themselves. Many people think that the only way that a wedding catering service can offer food and drinks to a large gathering is if the catering company feeds the wedding party in an elaborate restaurant setting, but there are other options available for smaller intimate wedding receptions that don’t require elaborate settings.


In summary, it’s important to keep in mind that there are different types of wedding catering services that can be offered to guests at a wedding celebration. The type of service that you select depends upon whether you have a casual wedding celebration or a more formal event with a traditional banquet style. If you have chosen a specific type of wedding caterer, keep in mind that they can offer more than one type of service, so it may be helpful to consult one person in order to ensure that you get what you want.

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