Start Organizing a Wedding

Where to start organizing a wedding

The first thing a married couple asks when the decision to marry has been made is: “Where do I start?”.

While it may all seem very messy and confusing, there are elements of marriage that need to be decided and confirmed before others. Below you will find the sequence of actions to be done in the right order.

1. Date of marriage

The most important thing to decide, as far as the wedding is concerned, is the date on which the event will take place. Our advice is to opt for a date that is at least 1 year / 1 year and a half later. This is because, especially if you want to get married in a high season (from April to October), you may find the church, town, villa or restaurant of your dreams already occupied. If this is not possible (due to work commitments or unexpected events), we still recommend that you choose a date that leaves you at least 6 months to organize everything.

2. Confirmation of the church / municipality

Ask for the availability of the parish priest or mayor of reference as soon as you decide the date. If the church or the municipality are free, confirm them immediately.

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3. Confirmation of the villa / restaurant / catering

Married couples book their wedding reception venue well in advance. Find out as soon as possible about the locations in your area and go and visit them. It is not uncommon to find a villa or a restaurant already occupied with other weddings, even two years before the event. Keep in mind that Saturdays are more popular than Sundays and that the period with more weddings is from April to October.

4. Confirmation of other important marriage suppliers

As for the other suppliers necessary for the ceremony or reception of your wedding, the most important to contact are the photographers for photos and any video, and the musicians for the ceremony and reception. These are the priority as they may not always have more than one wedding on the same day and you may find them already busy, just like the reception venue or church. Contact photographers and musicians as soon as possible. Although many online guides recommend booking musicians two or three months before the event, it is not uncommon for newlyweds to find themselves desperate for a good DJ or Music Duo too late, when the most competent have already been confirmed.

5. Confirmation of other elements

The dress of the bride and groom, the florist for the decorations of the ceremony and reception, any fireworks or entertainers for children, wedding favors, the honeymoon, the wedding rings, invitations and invitations, can all be evaluated at a later time. The search and confirmation of these suppliers should still be carried out within 4-5 months before the wedding date.

6. Planning For The Future

Whilst the future may not necessarily be the very first thing on your mind when planning your wedding, looking ahead can equip you with a range of benefits for your future. Having a reading taken by a psychic is a popular and easy to access method of looking ahead for your future marriage and career. There is an in-depth comparison on for you to look into further and analyse. You may even find that this offers you a new perspective on how you would like to plan your wedding and the events after it has taken place. The comparisons really do give a great insight into what service might fit best with your requirements.

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