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2021 wedding dresses: trends and collections

Every year the appointment arrives on time with the presentation of the wedding dress collections for the spring-summer season of the coming year.

From New York to Milan, as in the main cities of the globe, this year too the dream dresses designed by famous designers should have come to life on the catwalk but we know that it could not go like this. However, despite a first setback due to Covid-19, many brands have finally managed to complete production and strive to present the 2021 wedding dress collections directly on the web.

The virtual fashion week dedicated to brides has ended: an online show thanks to which numerous brands were able to preview their new collections through presentation videos and photos. Let’s find out how to choose the perfect dress and get to know better the 2021 wedding dress trends, waiting for the new collections of many other brands.

The Wedding-fit Dress

While wedding dress trends are constantly changing, the proposed styles remain roughly the same but different. Trapeze, mermaid, empire, balloon or sheath dress, each style has been designed to best enhance the different figures of each woman :

  • Hourglass: proportionate body with shoulders as wide as the hips and accentuated waist;
  • Apple: sturdy chest, as wide as the hips and not very evident waistline because it is not dry;
  • Rectangle: lean body with few curves, shoulders the same width as the hips and not pronounced waist;
  • Pear: shoulders and chest visibly narrower than the hips with a slender waist;
  • Triangle: body with shoulders wider than the hips and a fairly evident waistline.

The wedding dress, in addition to reflecting your personality and the style of the wedding, will have to enhance the shape of your body making you feel at ease. Are you ready to find out what your style is?

  • Trapeze: The dress has a tight bodice up to the waist gradually widening to mask the width of the hips. A style capable of enhancing any type of body;
  • Mermaid: the dress is tight from the bust to the knees and then opens up and reproduces the tail of a mermaid. It is a seductive model recommended for women with an hourglass or pear shape;
  • Empire: The dress highlights the upper part of the silhouette and begins to widen under the bust. Like the “Trapezium” style, it too hides the hips and has a good fit on any body;
  • Balloon: The dress has a fitted bodice and a full skirt that ends in a medium to long tail. A princely style for the bride who dreams of a fairy tale but not recommended for those with an apple-shaped body;
  • Sheath dress: the dress is adherent, softening at the height of the legs so as not to hinder the walk. The style is simple and best wraps hourglass or rectangle bodies.

Know the weakness of your body is the first step to choose with serenity the most important dress of a woman’s life. At this point we just have to be enchanted by the latest 2021 wedding dress trends.

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The Elegance of the Essential

If on the one hand the stylists already had clear what to propose to those who will get married in 2021, the arrival of the pandemic has brought everyone back down to earth.

From this unusual reality, in fact, future brides will come out with new desires that cannot be ignored and that are already conditioning the realization of the dresses to wear in the next year. This is how the designers of almost every brand have been inspired to make changes and create clothes that better respond to the new needs of the market.

The 2021 bride is imagined as a woman who has not lost the desire to celebrate but wishes to do it with discretion and simplicity, giving greater importance to the values ​​of life.

The choice of the future bride falls on a dress with simple lines: cady, satin, chiffon, georgette are the most used fabrics to create minimal wedding dresses that adhere to the skin For those who dream of a sober dress with a slightly accentuated volume, the mikado and duchesse fabrics do not disappoint as well as plumetis and lace if you want a linear but worked dress.

As in a Fable

The 2021 bride will also be a woman who, rather than getting married quietly, will look forward to partying with as many people as possible to experience an unforgettable fairy tale. This is the reason that prompted most of the brands to offer a preview of more sophisticated wedding dress collections. Bodices worked in lace, embellished with sparkling beads or gems, asymmetrical straps and skirts of different widths, transform the bride into a real princess wrapped in soft fabrics such as tulle and organza or in soft taffeta and voile.

The colors of the 2021 wedding dresses range from white to ivory but there are some exceptions for the most unconventional brides who want to dare with a touch of powder pink. Even for the most sophisticated dresses, the styles presented are the classics mentioned initially, but in the next spring-summer we also find short wedding dresses or versatile dresses that can be doubled to change your outfit during the party!

Who has set the wedding date for 2021, has been able to start the search for the dream dress right now: are you wondering how despite the pandemic still underway? After several brands held webinars with retailers ateliers, the latter decided to offer virtual consultations to their customers while waiting for the reopening. Now that the worst is over, dress rehearsals at the stores are resuming with the necessary precautions and brides-to-be can finally return to dreaming among the brand new 2021 wedding dresses !